Mobile Work

Mobile Work

Mobile Capability

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic Ltd, began as a fully mobile mechanic — but due to a very wet winter, quickly moved into premises!

The first premises were not ideal, but were enough to get the company started! A series of moves over the years now finds us at Vincent Road.

But due to our roots we still,  weather permitting, do carry out mobile work. We have a fully equipped van, that will go “on site” to carry out small jobs. However the reality is that a single mechanic just cannot carry out all tasks on a vehicle at the side of the road

The other truth is that time is money! Doing work in a garage environment with all the correct tools is faster – safer and more professional than doing the same task at the side of the road!

We do make a call out charge, but we also offer the recovery truck as a viable option of getting the vehicle to the garage.