Tracking and tyres

Tyres and wheel alignment in Worcester

Wheel alignment refers to the direction your wheels are pointing and has a huge effect on how a car feels to drive.

A correctly aligned vehicle will feel stable but a badly aligned car will want to pull all over the road.

There are three main aspects of wheel alignment: Camber, caster and toe. By attaching specialist equipment, it is possible to read the angles for these and adjustments can then be made to the car’s suspension and steering geometry.

The days of the trammel gauge, which ensured the front wheels were in line, are long gone and Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic now uses four wheel laser wheel alignment.

This allows our technicians to check so much more and the secondary angles include numerous other adjustments, including:

  • SAI (Steering Axis Inclination) - left and right
  • Included angle - left and right
  • Toe out on turns - left and right
  • Maximum Turns - left and right
  • Toe curve change - left and right
  • Track width difference
  • Wheelbase difference
  • Front ride height - left and right
  • Rear ride height - left and right
  • Frame angle
  • Setback – front and rear

The latest development in this area is camera wheel alignment. If your car has active headlights and you have been involved in a minor accident, you will need the car set up with camera wheel alignment technology.

To book a wheel alignment appointment or if you need replacement tyres, call 01905 358217 or visit our contact us page.

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Highly recommend. Not only do they talk the talk, they walk the walk. Cost, time and delivery first class. Full of good advice and they kept in contact throughout the repair.

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