Turning a corner

WMM director Dave’s staff keep telling him he is old. The truth is, we all are though Dave does admit to having a lot of tools in his tool box that are older than most of the staff!







The age comment was made when he was explaining to a customer that their micro camper needed new shock absorbers. The customer rightly said: “The camper van has passed the MOT and you have said that it would benefit from a new set of shock absorbers - why?”

Dave replied: “You are not old enough to remember an early Kwik-Fit advert which stated something like ‘If we change your suspension on any car over five years old and you do not notice a difference, we will put your old units back on for free!’”

The customer had complained that when going round corners, the camper van did not feel correct.

This was directly attributable to the suspension and once the new suspension was fitted, the camper van handled like it should.

The customer was surprised with the difference it made as she was used to going around corners very slowly and holding traffic up. She was also pleased that the cost was not as bad as she expected!

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