Where are the wheel bolts?

The WMM team are constantly amazed by the way some tyre companies treat their customers.







A little Citroen did not meet the requirements for an MOT pass at a branch of a national chain. It required remedial work on a driveshaft boot and new front tyres.

The customer bought the tyres online and was sent to a tyre company to have them fitted.

When she arrived, they could not find the locking wheel nut key and charged a "chunk" of money to remove the two front wheel bolts.

They then fitted the new tyres and sent the customer away.

The customer was booked in at WMM for our team to rectify the driveshaft boot. When the car was in the garage, it was immediately noticed that two wheel bolts were missing. We called the customer and were told the story of the locking wheel nut key.

A simple phone call had two new bolts on the way to us, but we were amazed that the tyre company did not remove the locking wheel nuts on the rear wheels - and more importantly why send away a car with missing wheel bolts?

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