The importance of servicing

Motorists who own an LPG vehicle have had the vehicle converted to use dual fuel and save money.







At WMM we are LPG trained and always tell customers the system should have an annual service. A vehicle we fitted the system to in 2013 came in for us to find an LPG leak.

On checking the UK-LPG system, the last time the vehicle was serviced was in 2018. When the vehicle arrived, we asked if there was any LPG in the system and were told: "No, as it leaks.”

WMM director Dave explained that a few litres of LPG is needed for us to check the system. The customer drove off to put some LPG in the tank.

On checking the system, we quickly found the LPG leak. The tank which is under slung had corroded very badly.

If, when the system is being serviced and inspected, WMM find the tank corroding, we take precautionary measures to stop the corrosion.

Of all the LPG servicing we carry out, we have not had to renew one fuel tank. We have had to treat a lot of tanks, but then they do not leak.

On checking the MOT history, this tank issue should have been an advisory, but wasn't. To fit a new tank would cost around £700 plus VAT. When we treat the tank, it costs approximately £40 plus VAT.

By not having the LPG system serviced, how much has the customer saved?

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