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Vehicle Diagnostics in Worcester

All Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic technicians are trained to use our diagnostic equipment and regularly attend courses to improve their knowledge and keep up to date with increasingly complex technology.

Our approach has been always been to try and work out what has caused the problem and what is the best way to resolve the issues our customers are experiencing, rather than just blindly follow what the computer says.

Importantly, this means that we don’t just renew expensive parts because the vehicle ECU states “part X faulty”.

To find out more about computer diagnostics, contact us on 01905 358217 or online.

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We're one of the most trusted local garages

Over the last 35 years we have serviced thousands of local customers and have worked hard to look after every single one.

We're rated 5 (out of 5) stars on the AA Garage Guide, The Motor Ombudsman and the Good Garage Guide, from hundreds of independent customer reviews.

What our customers say

I couldn’t rate the boys at this garage higher if I tried; they were friendly, polite, super helpful and were absolutely not out to fleece me of extra money which is the feeling I so often get with other garages.


The whole team were so friendly, this was the first time I’ve ever had to go to a garage and hate doing these sort of things on my own but it was so simple and only took half an hour, really really impressed and will definitely be returning.


Excellent customer service and great communication from dropping my car off to collecting it when the repair was complete. It is great to have a local garage who are honest and do all they can to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


Continued good service from all members of staff. A very friendly and helpful bunch.


Really helpful, reliable and fair prices. They are always looking for sensible ways to help without running up huge bills. When we found we had a flat tyre on a Saturday morning just before a big journey, they sent someone out to fix it, even though that took them way past closing time.

Highly recommend. Not only do they talk the talk, they walk the walk. Cost, time and delivery first class. Full of good advice and they kept in contact throughout the repair.

The big thing for me with a garage is trust. Every time I have taken my car in the work has been done superbly and the bill has been fair. I would highly recommend Worcester Mobile Mechanic to anyone - enough said!