Guess again – the trilogy

A while ago, WMM were called by a customer who had an imported Nissan with a drivability issue.








After talking on the phone, we suspected the cause. The customer took it to his local garage who stated that, before they could diagnose the fault, a full service needed to be carried out.

WMM think that one thing will stop the car running, but other things would affect it. On this particular vehicle, changing the spark plugs is three to four hours work and six expensive spark plugs. Once this was done, the vehicle still had the same fault!

The garage then had another guess and the photo is a clue as to what had happened to cause the drivability issue.

Guess again 2

So far the vehicle has had a full service, been code read, yet still has the same fault. The garage had another guess and told him the engine needed seven sensors.

We could not think which sensors they are, as we’re unaware of  sensors that would make the vehicle drive like it was. The customer had to buy four of the required sensors himself, as the garage did not know where to get them.

Although we could not see any sign of new sensors on the vehicle, apparently they were changed. Unfortunately the vehicle still had the same fault!

Guess again 3

Now the vehicle has had a full service, been code read, and apparently had a lot of sensors changed yet still has the same fault.

The garage had another guess and told him the gearbox oil needed changing and apparently they changed the gear oil. At this point the customer has spent a four figure sum and his vehicle still had the same drivability fault.

After being advised that the vehicle now required a new gearbox the customer decided to try another garage and called WMM.

Director Dave was shocked by how much he had spent and what he had been told. WMM do not diagnose faults over the phone but Dave explained that we are very experienced with this particular vehicle and were fairly certain of the fault.

When the vehicle arrived, within 30 minutes the fault had been diagnosed. The catalytic convertors were blocked.

WMM were keen to know why the convertors got blocked and, with a little bit of investigation, removed these two sensors to check them. It was obvious one sensor is faulty. We appreciate that this was an expensive repair, but once done, the vehicle's drivability issue disappeared.

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