5 types of garages to avoid

We know what type of garage we are – dependable, honest, efficient, friendly – but how can you spot a bad one?

WMM founder David Connellan has collated this list of how to detect an establishment to steer clear of.

1. Only takes cash

If something untoward happens you may have a battle on your hands to get the matter resolved.


2. Does not give an itemised invoice

How do you know what has been done and what you have paid for? Every invoice generated by WMM has a full breakdown of costs including individual parts, labour and VAT.


3. Does not explain likely costs before you leave the garage

There is nothing worse than returning to a garage to collect your vehicle and the invoice is higher than you were led to believe.

4. Will not talk to you

If the technicians have not got time to speak to you and explain fully the work that needs to be done on your vehicle, they do not value you as a customer.


5. Is not part of an accredited association

The most stringent accreditation is AA certification. WMM is the only AA certified garage in Worcester.

You should always look for a garage which is approved by the Motor Industry Code of Practice for servicing and repairs. This means that the garage will have a clear complaints procedure, so if something goes wrong you’ll have a better chance of resolving your problem.

It also means you can complain through a trade association if you can’t work the situation out amicably with the garage.

Don’t take a chance with your vehicle and your hard-earned cash, come to the experts at WMM.

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