5 ways to reduce depreciation

All motorists know that their car’s value drops as soon as it leaves the forecourt but there are steps you can take to minimise the loss.

1. Use your garage

If you are fortunate to have a garage, clear out all the junk and park your car in there so it is protected from the elements.

2. Hang on to paperwork

Keep all your invoices and receipts, even if you just stick them in a large envelope or desk drawer. Old bills will back up your claim that the vehicle has been serviced regularly, which neatly brings us to…


3. Service it on time

A service completed late or a missed service stamp may affect your car’s resale value. Get organised and book your car in one month before rather than try and bag a last gasp slot which may not fit round your other commitments.

4. Keep it clean

A quick rinse every fortnight will take care of everyday dirt but bird poo and brake dust need more attention. Acidic bird poo can permanently stain your paintwork while brake dust can attack the clear lacquer on alloy wheels if left on too long. When it’s time to sell, splash out on a full professional valet or do it yourself.

And don't ignore scruffs and dents that make your car look scruffy and unloved. There are plenty of mobile repairers who will remove them for a competitive price.

5. Use matching tyres

Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended tyres and make sure that all four match, reassuring buyers that you’ve maintained the car regardless of cost. You should also try and prevent damage to alloy wheels by taking care when parking.

For advice on keeping your car in good order throughout its life, speak to the friendly team at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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