Abs-olutely stubborn

If illuminated, the ABS warning light is an MOT failure. The only "cure" is to find out why the light is on, fix the fault and hopefully the light should go out.








Motorists are unaware that the modern ABS system was invented in 1971 by Mario Palazzetti. Needless to say modern vehicles have had ABS for a long time, which causes technicians all sorts of problems.

According to the book time on this vehicle, changing the ABS sensor is a 30 minute task. We would agree, if only the sensor had come out!

Firstly, the securing bolt snapped. Next, the sensor had rusted in and would not budge.

WMM left the sensor soaking in a penetrating treatment for five days but this did not work either. We then had to carefully drill the old sensor out before repairing the thread.

Once completed, with the new sensor fitted, the vehicle’s ABS worked as it should.

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