Alarms keep LHD Bongo cool

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic would recommend a Haydn Coolant Alarm to everybody - not just Mazda Bongo owners. Indeed, we have one on the garage recovery truck.

In short, what the alarm does is warn you when you lose approximately a litre of coolant. If you stop straight away this will help prevent serious engine damage.

Now that the left hand drive Bongo we are converting for our friends at Legs4Africa can be steered (read our ‘How goes the LHD Bongo’ blog), we have started thinking about other items that we require.

It was noted that the Bongo did not have a coolant alarm so we tentatively contacted Jo at Haydn.

We explained that the Bongo was soon going to be driven around the UK collecting prosthetic legs and then travelling approximately 4,000 miles to the Gambia. The route the charity is taking crosses the Sahara Desert.

Jo said she would put something in the post and when the package arrived at our workshop we were overwhelmed by their response.

We expected a coolant alarm, which would have been more than generous, but Jo sent us a TM1 as well. These alarms are fantastic as they monitor actual engine temperature as well.

Hopefully, they will not sound when the Bongo is journeying across the Sahara or anywhere else on the epic trip!

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