Back to basics

Trying to find an intermittent fault can sometimes be tricky.

This particular vehicle was under warranty and occasionally it wouldn’t start.

The car dealer did everything they could to try and find the fault and had their own mechanic with modern diagnostic equipment. They even lent the customer a courtesy car whilst they investigated the problem.

The dealer sent the car, at their expense, to a Ford specialist in Birmingham but they reported that no faults were found.

The car ended up at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic as the customer had used us in the past. We thoroughly checked the system and confirmed there were no faults in the system. We extensively road tested and still could not get the car to “not start!”

In conjunction with the car seller, we advised the customer to drive until it failed again. It failed sporadically and normally outside the customer’s house.

One weekend it packed up completely. The vendor collected the car, checked the car, could find no faults and delivered the car to our workshop.

We then went back to basics. What does a diesel car need to start? Fuel, air and compression.

According to our diagnostic computer it had fuel. We noticed that the fuel/air reading was unusual so we checked the throttle body. As soon as we manually adjusted the throttle the car immediately started.

A new one from Ford was ordered and fitted and the car has driven perfectly since then.

Through this whole episode the car dealer behaved perfectly and, in our opinion, went above and beyond what they had to do. We have kept their card and will recommend them.

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