Camper crisis

A new customer, who lives quite a long way from Worcester, was having problems with their micro camper and had taken the van to three garages in their local area.




The van drove but had a lack of power and was getting harder to start. In short, the pleasure they used to get from the van and travelling around in it was starting to wane.

The customer was told the van needed a specialist with a diagnostic computer, that they could not source parts for an import or that the staff had also not been trained on this type of vehicle.

Everyone needs someone else to blame. These garages were blaming incorrect tools and making other excuses for the fact they could not rectify a relatively simple issue.

Basically, the vehicle had a standard OBD port and most computers will read the system but these local garages were not checking the simple things first.

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic are the opposite. We always start with the simple things and do the cheap jobs first as they probably need doing anyway.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered the air filter was collapsing in on itself. How the other garages ages missed this is beyond us.

WMM’s mechanics fitted a new readily available off the shelf air filter and the van’s power was restored. The customer was surprised it was that simple.

Remember a badly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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