Cloudy coolant

Why do vehicles break down? We could debate this topic all day and the truth of the matter is there are many reasons.




On this occasion, we think this customer’s problem was caused by poor servicing.

Anti-freeze should be a nice translucent colour. It should not be brown.

The customer had owned the vehicle for a few years and always had it MOT’d and serviced at the same time.

We asked if the garage had ever mentioned coolant? The answer was no. We were disappointed by this reply as coolant is very important and should be changed on a regular basis as nothing lasts forever.

The vehicle was a micro camper. The symptoms were poor - starting with white smoke coupled with a misfire for a few seconds.

Upon lifting the bonnet, and looking at the coolant, WMM suspected a cylinder head type problem.

A simple combustion gas test confirmed the fault. Once repaired, all the faults disappeared.

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