Don’t text and drive

We spend a lot of time on the road and are still baffled as to why drivers continue to text while driving despite the risk of fines, points and prosecution – and losing their lives.


Texting affect driving in three ways:

Distraction – driving and using your phone requires you to concentrate on two ‘thinking’ tasks at once

Physical impairment – holding your phone leaves only one hand in control of the car

Visual impairment – glancing down at your phone means taking your eyes off the road. Even looking away for a couple of seconds means you miss whole stretches, which increases your chance of a collision

Dangers of driving while texting include:

  • Failing to be aware of stopping distances
  • Failing to spot road signs or traffic lights
  • Failing to notice that the vehicle in front has slowed or stopped
  • Drifting across lanes
  • Failing to spot hazards, pedestrians or cyclists

We’ve compiled some tips for avoiding using your phone while driving:

  • Hide the phone away before you start your journey and commit your attention to the task in hand – controlling your vehicle
  • Plan regular rest stops along the way where you can check your phone safely with the engine switched off
  • Before you stow it away, let friends and family know you’re going to be out of touch for a while because you want to focus on your driving. This will help minimise those annoying buzzes and pings
  • If you need to call someone, do it before you leave. Text before you drive, when you get to the services or reach your destination
  • Turn your phone off completely or switch it to silent or flight mode so you don’t receive any calls or notifications
  • Prepare a long playlist of your favourite songs for the journey or download an audiobook before you leave
  • Delegate social media updates, radio station switching, navigation or temperature control tasks to a passenger if you have one

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you at Worcester's Mobile Mechanic soon.


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