Driving in summer showers

Summer showers can be sudden and violent and a really heavy one can be dangerous for anyone driving on our roads.




Whether you’re about to set off in wet weather or you’re the victim of a sudden downpour, here’s some advice from the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency.

Keep checking your weather app up until the time you set off and do not feel you have to leave if the rain is really bad. Always put your safety and the safety of other passengers over any other consideration.

If you choose to set off, remember that wet weather reduces your tyres’ grip on the road.

To stay safe:

• Allow at least double the usual separation distance between your vehicle and the one in front.

• Keep your speed down. Windscreen wipers struggle to cope with very heavy rain so your view of the road ahead will not be as good as it could be. Driving at a lower speed will give you more time to react to hazards that are not immediately visible through the rain.

• Use dipped headlights so that other road users can see you.

• If you’re caught unawares by really heavy rain, visibility is poor and you’re feeling anxious, pull over in a safe place - a service area or cafe, for example and take a break. While you’re waiting, do something different to help you relax. For example, you might buy a coffee and read a newspaper or check for messages on your phone.

• Remind yourself that you’ve driven in rain before and always arrived at your destination safely. If the road’s busy and it’s going to take time before you can stop for a break, then try and focus your mind on your driving. The more you think about getting out of the rain, the more anxious you’re likely to feel.

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