Exhaust-ing patience

Many years ago, WMM director David used an old bean tin with jubilee clips and some exhaust paste to repair an exhaust. It stopped the exhaust blowing for nearly a year!




We’ve seen some awful attempts at repairing vehicles but this has to be in the top ten.

Somebody fitted a new exhaust from the catalytic convertor back on a Mitsubishi Colt. The weld was just splatter and in our opinion this person should not be allowed near a car.

The exhaust broke because the person who fitted the exhaust took the flexible piece out and then badly welded a section in place. They probably had no idea why a flexible piece was on the system.

Not surprisingly, the exhaust vibrated, came apart and the engine management light came on.

All of this happened within a few days. In the time it took for the car to come to WMM, the driver had a minor accident. This damage made the car an insurance right off, coupled with an automatic gearbox issue we’d advised the customer to scrap it.

This meant that WMM did not get a chance to fix the exhaust system properly but the end result is best for the customer.

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