Handbrake problem resolved

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we always want to fix every vehicle to the best of our ability and do it honestly. We also fully understand how breakages can sometimes occur.

Our technicians are responsible for anything that is broken and will immediately report things when they happen – then the issue can be swiftly resolved.

Director David Connellan has a saying: “A problem is not the problem. It is how it is resolved that is the problem.”

This customer took his Renault to a local tyre company to have the clutch checked and a quote for what was needed to repair the car, a complete clutch and flywheel.

When he drove the car in the automatic handbrake worked perfectly but when he collected it, the handbrake did not work at all.

When he mentioned this to the owner, he was told in no uncertain terms that his staff did not break it and that it was like that when it went in!

Thanks to this unsatisfactory response, Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic picked up a very rewarding job. It only cost the Renault’s owner a few pounds to resolve the handbrake problem as the switch was reasonably priced and fitting took 15 minutes.

We now have another very welcome new customer.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. If you receive less than excellent customer service, come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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