Honesty is best policy

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we occasionally see invoices issued by other garages.

A customer presented her vehicle, a Mazda Bongo camper converted vehicle, to her local garage in Wales. It rightly failed for emissions.

She was then informed a petrol additive will resolve the issue - it didn't. Then a road test may help - it didn't. Then more diagnostic work may help - it didn't. Then a temperature transmitter (£57) would help - it didn’t.

Nearly £400 later she called me. She was also told her insurance was invalid as the Bongo had no MOT - it wasn’t. She originally wanted me to collect the vehicle with my recovery truck but we explained that as long the Bongo is booked in for an MOT or MOT repair work and insured she could legally drive it to Worcester.

When the Bongo arrived at our workshop, we were shown the invoice and were shocked!

The vehicle has an air mixture valve which needed cleaning and adjusting and there was also a pipe that was split. The vehicle did not need further diagnostic work, road testing or the additive that should have cost approximately £25!

Needless to say the Bongo was soon repaired, serviced and MOT’d at an honest price.

Don’t take a chance with your vehicle. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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