Maintaining a healthy engine

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we have many sayings - or the staff think director Dave Connellan has many sayings! Some are probably daft, though some are useful to explain problems with customers' vehicles.

We used this one with a customer this week: “An engine with no oil, running for five minutes, does less damage than a turbo having oil starvation for five seconds.”

The point being that if the turbo has oil starvation it will be destroyed.

For some unknown reason customers think that an oil change is a service. WMM were tasked with changing the oil and the filter on a customer’s vehicle this week. This was a specified job which as we were informed, was pretty much a service because he had changed the air filter himself and this would complete the job.

We had to point out that changing the oil may not prevent damage, as we spotted the oil feed pipe to the turbo was leaking. We suggested we repair it.

The problem was it just needed two new copper washers. We were reluctantly allowed to repair it.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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