Oil change for the better

WMM work on many imported automatic vehicles and always question what vehicle manufacturers would like you to believe, for example that automatic gear oil will last forever.







We have experienced at first hand poor gear change from an automatic gear box and the gear oil is usually the cause.

Removing the sump and cleaning the filter will improve the situation for a while. However, with this method you have to do the work at least three times to have any chance of success.

The gear box may hold seven litres of oil and every time you do this work you replace perhaps three litres, which quickly gets contaminated.

With a professional machine you do it once and in the photo you can see the state of the old black fluid, compared to what it should look like.

The sad reality though, especially in tough times when money is tight, is that motorists will only react when the gear change gets very poor. Hopefully at this point no damage has been done.

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