Resolving a rattling engine

Sometimes people think that garages just guess at a fault, then buy an expensive part and hope for the best.

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic has a professional approach. Our team has the knowledge, the training and we also firmly believe in continuous professional development.

The vehicle came in as it was “slightly noisy” on tick over. This comment, in our, opinion was an understatement as the engine was merrily rattling away.

The customer suggested raising the tick over would quieten the noise down. After we pointed out that with an automatic vehicle this would be a dangerous adjustment, they agreed to a proper diagnosis of the fault.

Having the correct tools always helps with diagnosing faults, in this instance, we tested the oil pressure which was very low.

This was traced to the oil pump. Upon renewing the pump, the top of the engine was extremely quiet.

We recently MOT’d the vehicle and since the noise issue was resolved it has travelled approximately 10,000 miles in six months. I doubt it would have made it with the oil pressure as low as it was.

Don’t take a chance with your vehicle. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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