A* star support for kids

WMM supports two schools in The Gambia through its Gambia Building Project and the charity recently raised the funds required to send a container full of useful items to West Africa.





Director Dave Connellan visited Berkhamsted School in Buckinghamshire, who kindly donated at least four van loads of school equipment and books, and had the dubious pleasure of loading the container in 30 degree heat - along with running a busy garage!

We've collected old equipment from many schools but the quality of the items given to us by this particular school was amazing.

Thanks to all the schools, organisations and individuals who have made donations over the years.

The container is due to arrive in West Africa by the first week of September.

For more photos of the items donated and regular updates about the charity, please follow us on Facebook at Gambia Building Project and Worcester's Mobile Mechanic.

If you can support us in any way, please get in touch via the Contact page.

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