Top tips for a super clean car

Want to wash your car like a pro? Follow our handy hints, which we’ll start with a few don’ts.

1. Don’t be swayed by sunny days

Waking up to blue skies might inspire you to get out and give the car a spring clean, but you could end up with water spotting, a streaky finish and stubborn drip marks. Too much direct sunlight or heat can dry off the moisture or the shampoo before you get a chance to properly finish the job, so it’s best to wash your car either early in the morning or late in the evening during hot spells.

2. Don’t use the first sponge you find

When you’re scrubbing the grease and dirt off, don’t just assume you can use any old sponge you’ve got lying around. Sponges and other flat surfaced towels or cloths retain pieces of grit easily, which can scratch your paintwork. By keeping some sponges or cloths separate and reserved for washing your car, and washing them once you've finished each time, you'll know they're clean the next time you come to wash the car.


3. Don’t let your vehicle dry naturally

The natural look might not be for everyone and it isn’t for your car either. Leaving a car to dry naturally is a guaranteed way to get streaky watermarks.

4. Invest in a car shampoo

It’s important to use specialist car shampoo, rather than washing up liquid or other household products, which can break down the protective wax applied to your car. You won’t have to take a side job washing cars to afford the shampoo either; you can pick up reasonably priced brands at most supermarkets or specialist stores.

5. Dry with chamois leather or microfibre cloth

Drying a car with rough towels could lead to scratches or an uneven, watermarked finish. When it comes to drying off you have a choice between the traditional chamois leather and the microfibre cloth. Chamois leathers are harder to care for while towels are easily cleaned in the washing machine so perfect for the occasional Sunday morning clean.

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