Water worry

Some people are very unlucky when it comes to cars. Even when they do the right thing, they still end up with problems.



A new customer was driving home in the recent floods in Worcestershire. On a flooded road with a speed limit of 50mph, where the water was four to six inches deep, he was sensibly driving at between 20 to 30mph.

Unfortunately, he kept getting overtaken by impatient motorists, but he stuck to his guns and continued at 30mph.

The problem arose when a 4x4 came speeding past the other way. The water went over his bonnet and straight into the air intake. This caused the vehicle to develop a small lack of power, but the driver was able to limp home.

The following day, Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic were tasked to collect the vehicle and report back. There was water in the engine, which had caused serious internal damage.

The customer was at a loss what to do when WMM suggested that he should call your insurance company.

He was surprised as we had turned down a potentially large repair invoice, instead giving honest advice which proved fruitful.

The insurance company paid out on the vehicle and the customer saved a considerable amount of money.

Check out our blog for information on how to deal with a flooded car.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is an accident waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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