Why batteries fail

A battery is a consumable item and will deteriorate through the effects of normal wear and tear.


Each time a battery is cycled i.e. discharged and charged, a small amount of the active materials within the battery plates is permanently lost.

Over time, this ageing and deterioration will eventually result in the failure of the battery to start the engine or power vehicle equipment.

Whilst batteries will fail through straightforward wear in service, understanding the many other reasons for battery failure can help you with good battery care, use and maintenance advice.

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic has just invested a considerable sum in two battery testers and bid farewell to our old budget version, on the right of the photo.

Whilst this tester worked perfectly well, we were very conscious that it was a little bit "brutal" in the way it tested a battery. Both of our new testers are gentle and accurate on a test.

With the cold weather coming and with vehicles not being driven very much, this will increase the failure rate of batteries. It is important that vehicle owners have them checked by a professional garage as batteries are not a cheap purchase.

WMM will test your battery properly and for free with no obligation to buy.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is an accident waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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