6 ways to look after your tyres

Properly maintaining your tyres can save you money and is vital for ensuring you stay safe on the road. Here are our top 6 tips.

1. Check tyre pressure

Do this once a week when the tyres are cold. Recommended pressure settings can usually be found on a label on the driver’s door and there are usually two: one for everyday use and the other for high-speed driving with a heavy load. A garage or dealership will be able to tell you the precise figure if you can’t find it but 30psi should work in the meantime.

2. Keep spare valve caps in your vehicle

They don’t stop air from escaping but they do prevent dirt and moisture getting in. You can also pick up spares cheaply.

3. Store tyres correctly

If you have two sets – one for winter and one for the rest of the year – store them in a dark, cool place. They can be stored upright or laid flat but they’ll need to be away from grease, oil and other solvents.

4. Make sure you’re on the right track

Correct wheel alignment is vital for braking, safe handling and helps your tyres last longer. If you run the palm of your hand across the tread from side to side and if the tyre feels smooth in one direction and rough in the other, your tracking may be adjusting so book an appointment with a garage.

5. Treat new tyres with respect

After your new tyres are fitted, avoid harsh breaking, acceleration or braking.

6. Damage limitation

Keep an eye out for cuts, lumps, bulges, nails and debris during your weekly tyre pressure check. Carefully lever out any stones and if you’re concerned about anything, call your garage.

If you have any tyre-related queries, contact Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic on 01905 358217.

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