7 tips to keep your car safe

Modern cars have an impressive array of security features but we can easily put them at risk through carelessness, impatience and general busy-ness. We’ve compiled a list of 7 simple tips to deter thieves.

Park somewhere safe

Ideally your garage, a well-lit, busy street or a car park displaying the Park Mark sign. The Safer Parking Scheme’s Park Mark sign shows that the operator has thought about and put in place a range of options to reduce crime and the risk of crime.

Reduce theft

Consider fitting additional security or even a tracking device on high value cars or those likely to be targeted by thieves.

Hide obvious targets

Remove mobile phones and sat navs from the car. Take phones with you and put sat navs in the glove box or boot.

Tempt no-one

Loose change, CDs, USBs and similar items may attract thieves and the cost of any damage caused to get them may be more than their value. As with the previous tip, put the items out of sight.

Don’t rush to leave

Close the windows and make sure the doors are locked, even at petrol stations.

Keep car keys safe

Remove them whenever you get out of the car and don’t leave them on display at home. Thieves break into houses to steal car keys.

Adopt good habits

Carry out these simple security checks whenever you leave the car.

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