The benefits of additives

We are aware of a few garage owners who think that additives are a waste of money. However, we know that they work really well and actually give improved performance. This story is a perfect example.








The car in question, a Porsche Boxer that belongs to a car enthusiast, did not meet the requirements for an MOT pass and needed remedial work on the emissions.

At this point WMM director Dave suggested that we use a couple of bottles of treatment on the car.

The owner thought this would not work. Instead, he drove the car to a petrol station and put in some E5 petrol, took it for a 20 mile run to clear the system and returned for a retest.

At WMM, we always try to help our customers and Dave advised checking the live data before we did the retest.

The Porsche still would not have met the requirements. The customer was shocked and said “What now?”

Dave replied: “Let’s put in the additive and see what happens.”

The additives were added to the fuel tank and within a minute the emissions went into the green – an MOT pass.

The customer who observed all of this was stunned as he had been told additives were a needless expense and on previous occasions he had spent a lot of money getting the car to meet the emission requirements.

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