Benefits of ultimate fuel

Unsurprisingly customers really worry about the annual MOT test and we always explain that the test is the minimum standard at time of test.




This car did not meet the test requirements because of the emissions. The vehicle was in for a service, with additives, so we suggested that we carry out the service and then recheck the emissions.

This was done and the emissions were greatly improved but unfortunately the car still did not reach the required standards. The emission report pictured was the fail after the service but the initial failure was far worse.

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic did all the usual things in this situation – the filters were renewed, including the fuel filter, and road tests carried out, all to no avail. There were no faults recorded on the diagnostic computer, and the car ran well.

After an in depth consultation with the customer we found out that he always filled up the car at supermarkets.

While there is nothing wrong with fuel purchased at supermarkets, we always advise our customers to fill up at petrol stations run by companies such as BP, Esso and Shell, though we do appreciate that they can be more expensive.

We suggested filling the car up with ultimate diesel and taking it for a 20 mile road test before presenting it for the retest at that point. Otherwise, the only option was to investigate the diesel system further, which would be costly.

As soon as the ultimate diesel was put in the tank, the engine sounded different. The tick over and rev were both smoother. After the road test the car passed the emissions test with ease.

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