Braking bad

Sometimes we think people are happy in their ignorance, and sad to say, in these difficult times we see more cars with brakes in this sorry condition.







This car was presented for an MOT test and the customer was shocked when it did not meet the required standard for a pass!

WMM would also inspect the brake fluid due to the state of these brakes and this is the wording from the MOT inspection manual:

“Hydraulic brake fluid level checks are confined to transparent reservoirs or where an indicator is fitted. Reservoir caps should not be removed -  (ii) significantly below minimum mark (iii) not visible.”

These two faults are both reasons for rejection on the actual test, which means if they are "met" the car would fail the test.

This car surprisingly passed this minimum standard as the brake fluid, which should be changed every two years, could be seen and was not yet completely black!

The customer opted for the minimum work and costs to acquire a MOT certificate.

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