Camper van heater is snug fit

All motorhome owners will be aware that space is important, especially if you own a micro camper.







A heater is vital if you use the camper in the winter. WMM directors David and Sue have a heater in their motorhome and go camping all year round.

The customer who owns this vehicle wanted a Propex heater with a domestic tank but was reluctant to lose any cupboard space, which is understandable.

WMM managed to fit the heater unit under the cupboard - you can see it under the shelf in the picture - and the tank over the wheel arch. As this was an area that was wasted, the customer lost very little space.

David sent the customer this photo and he replied “What is it?” David then highlighted the red bit, which is the domestic gas tank.

The customer was very pleased with the work as he gained space and no longer needs to carry a gas bottle, which makes it safer.

Technically on a camper van, the domestic gas needs a safety certificate and this one would have failed on three points.

The bottle was not secure, the pipe to bottle was too long (you can only have approximately 12 inch maximum rubber pipe then it should be metal) and the vents were incorrect. We fit a metal pipe with safety valve to all gas appliances.

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