Don’t fear the fuel filter

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we are proud to be listed by the AA Garage Guide, which has demanding membership standards.

This car, a Mini, came in to our workshop as it was not running properly. The customer thought there was a serious electrical problem and the car was booked in for a computer diagnostic check.

There were no faults recorded on the diagnostic computer. We then checked the service history with the customer, who confirmed that the car was last serviced six months previously and the garage she was using could not look at the car for three weeks, which was why we got the job.

Checking the car over, the technician noted that the fuel filter was in a very poor state. It appears that mechanics and technicians do not like changing the fuel filter as it is not a very pleasant easy job. Also, customers do not like spending money on something they cannot see and they perceive it as a waste of money as the car is running well.

Checking the mileage, the fuel filter should have been changed three services previously.

As part of the AA Garage Guide, you must have access to a proper industry recognised programme which gives you a dealership standard guide to what is supposed to be done at certain mileage figures.

At Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic the technicians know that all I care about is the job is done properly. Once the new filter was fitted the car ran as it was supposed to and I’m sure we will see it again.

Don’t take a chance with your vehicle, come to the experts at Worcester's Mobile Mechanic.

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