Doomed Bongo

This sorry tale concerns a customer who bought a Mazda Bongo as a private sale. The customer paid a very good price, believing that the vendor was an honest seller.







Four months later, the vehicle developed a coolant leak and came to WMM for repair as we are renowned Bongo specialists.

Unfortunately, we had no choice but to refuse to repair the coolant leak as the vehicle had been bodged beyond belief and was essentially a death trap.

Our advice is to always have any vehicle you are planning to buy professionally inspected or, failing that, take it for an MOT test on the pre-purchase road test.

There were plates on top of plates pop riveted and self-tapped into position and the Bongo was riddled with tinworm. These pictures do not do the rust justice.

WMM did a part exchange with the customer and put them in a better position than they were in. Nearly a year on, their current vehicle is giving them great trips away and no garage bills.

The old vehicle went to the car graveyard.

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