Bongo back on the road

This Mazda Bongo was delivered by one of the breakdown services as a non-runner. After examining the vehicle, we knew what had happened, the timing had "jumped" due to oil getting onto the timing belt.

This is normally because of cam-seal failure, but further investigation showed the rocker cover gasket was leaking as well. Rocker cover gasket kits are expensive, coupled with cam-seals (four), a cam-belt and possibly more. The customer was warned that this would be a costly repair.

As we started to remove the rocker covers, we immediately found why the seal had failed. After speaking to the owner, it was revealed that their local garage had "tightened" the rocker cover a few weeks previously.

We are firm believers that certain vehicles have either weak components or, perhaps more likely, technicians try to save a customer money and, in the process, do some damage. But let’s not be too cynical!

We shall explain, if a rocker cover is leaking onto a V6 Mazda Bongo engine, the technician will probably try to tighten it up, not realising that this can, and does crack the cam-shaft cap, causing oil to leak onto the cam belt.

Fortunately, at Worcester's Mobile Mechanic, we are experts on these vehicles, and we know to be extremely careful where this cap is located.

These caps are unobtainable, and more to the point, should not be "changed" even if you can get one. We know a specialist who will re-weld them (this is very expensive) then we must spend some considerable time smoothing the faces to ensure the correct fit.

The alternative is a completely new cylinder head, so perhaps if our idea of an expensive repair is wrong, at least we can get it back to how it should have been.

Once done the customer was satisfied with the invoice and more than happy that the Bongo was back on the road.

Remember, a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen, come to the experts at Worcester's Mobile Mechanic.

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