Healthy future of pump sealed

It’s always rewarding when you make the correct diagnosis on a vehicle. In this case, the vehicle had a starting problem but no faults were recorded on the diagnostic computer.

The customer initially agreed to an hour’s labour and Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic staff used this time to eliminate the usual suspects. The glow plugs and associated wiring were eliminated from our enquiries and the fuel filter examined to assess condition. This was nearly new as we fitted it when we serviced the vehicle 11 months ago.

When we contacted the customer to tell him we needed to remove the fuel injection pump as we suspected the front seal had most likely failed, we were informed that six months previously the car had been taken to a local garage who had renewed the seal.

We had to push the customer to let us remove the pump. If the seal was new, then the pump would probably need reconditioning.

Once the injection pump had been removed it was clear the previous garage had “silicon sealed” the front of the pump. We cleaned the area, renewed the seal, refitted the pump and unsurprisingly the fault disappeared.

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