Issues with an import

As Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic are experts in some Japanese imported vehicles, we were recently tasked to collect a vehicle that would not run from another garage.

The garage had diagnosed the fault correctly and even fitted a new part which did get the vehicle running. The problem was it broke down three days later.

Knowing they had put a new fuel pump in the tank, we’re sure this sent the original garage off on a tangent, which is easy to do.

Upon getting the vehicle to Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, what was the first thing we did?

a) Plug in the diagnostic computer to check for faults?
b) Charge the vehicle’s battery?
c) Try and start the vehicle with a boost pack?
d) Check what the other garage had done?
e) Have a cup of coffee?

Actually we did two of the above, we put the battery on charge and then had a cup of coffee. The vehicle was not getting looked at until the next day and you cannot check a vehicle with a flat battery.

Checking the vehicle showed the pump in the tank was faulty, but the question was why? The reason was the fuel filter was blocked - you can see the black residue on the photo - which caused the new pump to fail.

We fitted a new filter and a new pump and three weeks on the vehicle is still running.

The fuel filter is hidden and if you do not know it is there it is an easy mistake to make. To the best of our knowledge and according to computer records, we had not seen the vehicle for six years.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen, come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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