Keeping cool

This Vauxhall Zafira had a coolant leak and looking at the car after the customer drove it to the garage (against our advice) showed the leak was above the gearbox.







When the car arrived, there was steam bellowing out from under the bonnet and anti-freeze everywhere. Under pressure it would spray out.

WMM have two coolant pressure testers and it is always good to do the test without, removing the scuttle. This keeps costs down for the customer.

Our new kit did not fit this car with the scuttle in place, neither did the old kit. But with a bit of ingenuity, we used one part from the new kit and the pump from the old kit.

Once pressure tested, the leak was confirmed and the part ordered. When the part was fitted, we did another pressure test to confirm no other leaks.

Unluckily for the customer, there was another leak and this was resolved with a Vauxhall specific pipe.

Another pressure test showed no other leaks and the expression that comes to mind is "Third time’s a charm".

Fortunately on this occasion there was no head gasket issues.

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