Pipework problem solved

This vehicle, an Audi A3, was diagnosed as having a faulty turbo. Fortunately, the customer decided to get a second opinion.

The fault, as described to Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic, was: “Sometimes the car goes into limp mode, I restart and then it is fine for a while.”

If the turbo had been faulty the fault would be permanent or as soon as the accelerator was pressed it would immediately go into limp mode. Also, the engine light would be illuminated.

When the owner booked in the car, he agreed to pay our hourly rate to check it out. The customer said that if the car needed a turbo it might be going to the scrapyard. We thought that was a bit harsh.

There were no warning lights and our diagnostic computer can read all pending faults, which pointed us to a boost sensing fault.

The sensor was working perfectly and picking up differences in pressure. WMM suspected an air leak somewhere and the customer had agreed to an hour’s labour.

We then used a smoke meter to check the pipework which showed a very small hole in the intake pipework. We used a special adhesive to temporarily repair the pipe - the adhesive we use is specifically for this sort of work.

WMM then moved the clip that had caused the problem and padded it with a piece of old cam belt to prevent a recurrence. We recommended a new pipe and the customer said that if the problem happens again, he will buy one.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen. Come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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