Proud to be “honest garage”

Customers are so distrustful of garages but at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic we like to keep them in control.

In-between Christmas and New Year, we had a call from a customer in distress. He was convinced he needed a gearbox and was having trouble finding a garage that was open.

Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic are normally open - according to David Connellan’s wife and fellow director Sue the garage is his second home!

David explained that there would be a charge to collect the car with the recovery truck and then a charge to inspect the car. I also explained that knowing these little cars very well, it would be a linkage issue and was questioned extensively about costs.

The customer finally agreed to let us collect the vehicle. Whilst loading, I showed him it was a linkage issue as you could see one of the rods hanging down.

I then explained the cheapest repair would be to purchase a set of rods online but they probably would not get to us in time. He opted for main dealer parts which were four times the price.

Once fitted, the car had all gears and the customer, when collecting the vehicle, paid us a compliment: “It was nice dealing with an honest garage!"

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen, come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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