LPG Conversions

LPG Conversions in Worcester

LPG has been recognised as a low-emission vehicle fuel for decades and its great performance against fuels such as diesel is well-documented. Evidence of the vital role that LPG can play in improving urban air quality has been growing year on year.

Converting vehicles, especially taxis and vans used in inner cities, can be done quickly to deliver lower levels of tailpipe nitrous oxide emissions compared to petrol or diesel, helping to reduce pollution and contributing towards the UK's carbon reduction targets.

The LPG industry is also exploring innovative solutions to reduce emissions from HGVs using an LPG-diesel blend that can deliver significant CO2 savings and overall greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions.

WMM are proud to offer LPG conversions and are trained in three LPG systems:

  • Prins
  • Romano
  • Ultra-gas

We also have the computer programs to work on:

  • AC Stag
  • Emer
  • Mint
  • King

To find out if your vehicle is eligible for an LPG conversion, call us on 01905 358217 or contact us online.

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The whole team were so friendly, this was the first time I’ve ever had to go to a garage and hate doing these sort of things on my own but it was so simple and only took half an hour, really really impressed and will definitely be returning.


Excellent customer service and great communication from dropping my car off to collecting it when the repair was complete. It is great to have a local garage who are honest and do all they can to get you back on the road as soon as possible.


Continued good service from all members of staff. A very friendly and helpful bunch.


Really helpful, reliable and fair prices. They are always looking for sensible ways to help without running up huge bills. When we found we had a flat tyre on a Saturday morning just before a big journey, they sent someone out to fix it, even though that took them way past closing time.

Highly recommend. Not only do they talk the talk, they walk the walk. Cost, time and delivery first class. Full of good advice and they kept in contact throughout the repair.

The big thing for me with a garage is trust. Every time I have taken my car in the work has been done superbly and the bill has been fair. I would highly recommend Worcester Mobile Mechanic to anyone - enough said!

Great mechanics. Honest, trustworthy service. Very thorough and explained everything that needed doing. Provides photo evidence that the jobs are being done.  

Very professional and very friendly. Fixed my van quickly. Highly recommended.

Dave and his team bend over backwards to help you get back on the road. They love helping people with Japanese imports.