Thermostat trouble

WMM recently had a vehicle in the workshop that had been diagnosed with likely head gasket failure.








When WMM was contacted, we advised the customer to allow us to check the vehicle out.

The fault was that the engine overheated in minutes and director Dave explained that a diesel engine temperature gauge should not get above halfway in a matter of minutes.

Knowing these diesel Mazda Bongos as well as we do, we are fully aware of how long they take before the gauge starts to move.

The customer agreed for the thermostat to be checked. It had failed in the closed position and was in a very poor condition, partly caused by the lack of coolant and the “sludged up” system.

Once the new thermostat was fitted, we would like to say that the vehicle was fixed.

It did require further work however as the radiator was partially blocked but the cylinder head was in good condition, which was a relief for the customer.

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