Shining light on air con issue

With the rising price of air conditioning refrigerant (commonly known as gas), it is doubly important to ensure that any repairs in this area are carried out properly.

This customer called us and after deciding our quote to re-gas the vehicle was too expensive, he took the car to a leading chain to have the system re-gassed for half of our quoted price.

So why did it end up at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic? Nearly two weeks after the leading chain did the work, the air conditioning gave up the ghost. Despite taking his money, the chain offered to check it for leaks but said they do not get involved in air conditioning repairs.

We don’t just force A/C gas into the system and hope for the best. What we do is by the book - we remove all gas then we pressure test the system. We carry out the service, refill with gas and add a UV dye in case of future problems.

This is the point most garages would assume the job has been successful but we then use our special torch to see if any UV dye is showing in likely places.

On this occasion we found that the two Schrader type valves were leaking. These are hidden after the job by the two dust covers. This is a simple, inexpensive repair and we keep a selection in stock.

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen, come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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