Why cars need servicing

We recovered this vehicle as it had a "lack of power" and was undrivable.

An eight-year-old diesel VW Golf, it had a reasonable amount of miles on the odometer and was actually in good condition. The dash warning system stated that a service was overdue but there were no other faults recorded on the dashboard.

At this point, we ignored this warning and proceeded to check the vehicle out. The diagnostic computer recorded no faults on the system and a visual check could find no other issues.

The car needed a road test for our team to experience the drivability problem so the customer was advised that we should carry out a service, to eliminate the basics.

Part of being an AA approved garage means that we carry out a vehicle health check on every car. This car had two potentially dangerous part worn tyres on the rear and two tyres on the front that were over six years old. We suspected that these were also part worn.

Due to the tyre issue, I could not road test the car but the customer advised us to rectify the tyre problem. Initially he did not want a service as he believed they were a “waste of money”.

While servicing the vehicle we discovered that the fuel filter was blocked. The fuel in the centre should have drained away but the filter was so blocked it was trapped.

I suggested that I do not need to road test the car as we had found a definite fault and Worcester's Mobile Mechanic does not “load” invoices. To road test a vehicle takes at least 40 minutes.

The customer reluctantly took the car away. The proviso was that if it broke down we would recover it free of charge.

We agreed and a week or so later I texted to ask how the car was performing. I was pleased to hear the car was running well and that the customer suspects poor supermarket fuel. We blame poor servicing!

Remember a poorly maintained vehicle is a breakdown waiting to happen, come to the experts at Worcester’s Mobile Mechanic.

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